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What is rapid or instant HYPNOSIS?

Updated: Jan 25

Is it possible to pay with a blank paper instead of a bill or a card? Or make someone laugh outloud with just one command? Could you make someone treat you like a superstar? And, finally, is it possible to become invisible?

What do you think rapid or instant hypnosis is?

Instant hipnosis
Instant hipnosis

Several definitions contextualize rapid or instant hypnosis: "being under control", "sleeping", "state of trance". Although many studies have found few significant differences between someone in hypnosis and someone in a normal state, instant hypnosis can be defined as "a hypnotic state or trance". The "father" of hypnosis of the 20th century Hippolyte Bernheim (1840-1919) said: "It is suggestion that governs hypnosis".

Ultimately, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis; it's a peculiar relationship between the hypnotist and the subject. The hypnotist and the subject "interpret" their roles as they believe they should be, through the hypnotist's suggestion.

Derren Brown
Derren Brown, British Mentalist and Hypnotist

Some mentalists practice hypnosis to induce people to perform unusual actions or experience phenomena that seem supernatural, such as the momentary loss of a vital ability. One of the most recent examples is an act by Lior Suchard, where a hypnotised person cannot move nor speak, or by Derren Brown, who in his latest show manages to make a few people from the audience forget the number 7.

Lior Suchard
Lior Suchard, Israeli Mentalist and Hypnotist

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To experience the power of instant hypnosis, Mexican hypnotist Alex Darko invites you to the Mysterium Theater in Mexico City, which will open its doors at the end of March 2024


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